Crochet Snowball Free Patten

Hi there! Hope you are all doing well.
I know....it's been awhile since I've made a post here. Sorry. I've been very quiet. Not much in the crafty making these past months. I've been really focusing on my photography business. It's been a whirlwind really. Keeps me busy and pre-occupied outdoors which is a big plus since I love this time of the year.

I did have a special request from an old dear blogging friend. She was on the hunt for this sweet little pattern that I've COMPLETELY forgot about. I did a little digging around and found it on my  o l d  blog. ( Once I ran over the whole entire " so called o l d  bog", I now wonder......Why in the world did I ever shut that one down.?....I miss it surely!

Well, I do hope you love this little pattern. It's easy. So very easy.
xx Shari


Trellis Scarf / Free Pattern

I'm back as promised. I been making lots of scarves lately in different fall colors. These little beauties whip up so fast. I can literally make one in an entire day if no one interrupts me. They are so easy to make if you know the simple basics of crocheting I thought I would share with you.
Enjoy your weekend!




It's been all about tiny little details. The closer I get to things the more I get inspired. Up close & personal. Or..... maybe it's because I am going "blind" that I can not see anything far away. All this closeness sends me into orbit. A different dimension. I love it!!!
I finished my lovely scarf yesterday. It first started out as being knitted but I ripped it out, due to terrible rolling so I quickly switched needles to a crochet hook and within a two days~ it's finished. Oh did I forget that crocheting was much much faster. It literally took me a week to get the knitted one half way complete only to be severely disgusted with the thing, then, finding the most pleasure crocheting within two days. ( insert big smiley face here!)
Note....even though I truly love the "look of knit".....crocheting is by far the fastest and the most enjoyable for myself that is.
Now I'm in the process of whipping up another but in a beautiful shade of purple. And to let you know.....purple is not my color....but this one just might work!
Plus~ the texture on this one is so divine!!!
(Next post...I will surprise you all with a free pattern).
S M I L E.......♥



I love this month. This time of year. The weather is certainly changing ~ rather quickly!. But all the same, I still love it. Yesterday I opened up all the windows for the first time this season to air out the house. It was so nice. The breeze was just right that the curtains were dancing around every now and then and the smell of fresh air.....oooooo goodness, that smell of cool air, the freshness....I could just stay in one place for hours with my eyes closed and drift off to Neverland to never return. Pure Autumn bliss. But in that same moment; there is something missing. I see Lauren everywhere in these moments. Moments we used to share. Everything I did...she did with me. We opened all the windows, she helped me clean the house. She would dust. I would do laundry. She would fold clothes. I would cook dinner. She would pick out a movie at the oddest hour that we would watch together. She would talk the entire time and we would have to watch it all over again. Moments like these...I miss so much.
But with all these thoughts, I still carry on each day. I truly can say that knitting and crocheting have been a comfort for me. The simplicity of a easy, made-up-pattern in my head, keeps me going. I've even found comfort lounging around in Books-A-Million gazing upon book after book. Sometimes I stay and just sit and stay a while in there little sitting area that they have throughout the store. It feels like home. It's quite. No one bothers you. There's always a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the café' which I always wonder over to. Sometimes to have a cup while I sit or sometimes just to get closer to the aroma.


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Hello. Here it is, Sunday again. I think I literally just blinked and another week has gone by.
Fall weather is settling in here in Louisiana. Finally. It's such a nice change. Cool mornings with the windows open. Lots of iced coffee, scarf and sweater making, as far as crafts go, and wondering around our small town scoping out locations to kick off my professional photography world I'm trying to get the courage to start. I don't know why this scares me but it's such a big passion of mine. I want to succeed. I have this feeling way down deep in the pit of my stomach; I really want to do it. Do you have such a passion about something that's driving you to move forward but on the other hand it holds you back?

I will just pray about it and put all my faith in God. He will show me....in time.
Happy Sunday.
xo Shari


Instagram Madness


Hello, Happy Thursday! Hope to find everyone doing good.
If you've been wondering where I've been as of lately, I've been in Instagram world. I think I've spent more time there than here in blogland more than ever. I can't help it....it's fast. It's easy. Take a picture with your phone and upload. Say a little something or another....click share....and your done. So easy verses taking pictures with my camera than download to my computer. Do a little photo editing. Saving in different folders ( which drives me crazy, plus takes time) then ......upload to this blog. I say....Instagram has scored points in my book for sure. But, nevertheless.....I still love blogging.
Love looking around for things that inspire me and to keep in touch with friends that are NOT on Instagram.
Anyways.....If you ever wonder if and when another post will pop up in your feed of what I've been up to, just search for me there under @shariann47. ( you can always see new Instagram pictures at the bottom of my blog)
As far as crafts go, I did finish another sweater. This is the second I've finished in the past two months. I think that's a big achievement, even for me. This one pictured above. Sorry for the bad lighting but I'm proud of this one. It is my very own design. A very easy pattern that came to me after searching through soooo many books for a easy pattern which I never can find. So, I took my own measurements. Made a back piece. A left and right piece. Stitched them together. All DC's. Made sleeves to fit perfectly! and sewed them all together. Did a little blocking and now it hangs on a hanger....waiting for that perfect cool morning.
Now I'm moving on to other things besides sweaters....maybe a scarf to go with it in a light mustard taupe sort of color....♥♥