So sorry for being a little MIA lately. Days have all jumbled together and I loose track of time. I've been very forgetful. Really forgetful, of important things. I almost missed our very own Anniversary. That would have been horrible, for it's usually the "husband" who forgets important dates. I've been counting again. Not stitches. Days. I hate  dislike when this happens to me. It just comes like a down pour of rain that never ends for weeks, very long days. The 21st of every month will be a constant reminder of that horrible day. I miss my girl. I don't mean to be such a downer. I try with all I have to be happy. Most days I am ok...but then I go and hide. Shut the world out and remember. Sob until I can't see out of my own eyes. Loose my breath and pray. Sleep.
On a much happier note, I 've been wondering around old blogs and my old flicker page. I may be considering on starting up a new account with flicker. I love looking for pretty inspirational things to do or just save them cause they make me smile. I found all of these photos above from one of my old blogs that are no longer to the public eye. I am most happy that I never deleted them away completely for I would have never rediscovered them.
(little note:) If one of these photos in the collages is yours I will most diffidently give credit back to you. They are old images that I had made with the flicker collage maker and I no longer have the link to each individual photo. Please accept my apologies.)
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely collages, Shari. You are so gifted in seeing and photographing creative projects that inspire and delight me and others and I appreciate your efforts. I know what you mean about dreading a date that triggers a new wave of grief and then finding yourself missing or nearly missing other important dates of celebration or simply the appointments of the business of life. The 21st is a trigger day for me, too. Sometimes I plan a positive activity for that day, especially in the month death happened. The shock of the death is still with me. I don't forget my loved one, but like you I cry and carry on by the grace of God and the support of those around me who care. Thank you for telling us like it is, and in doing so encouraging us that others know grief as well. You and yours are regularly in my thoughts and prayers with love, Shari.

    1. Oh, sweet Gracie. A date we both have in common with.( I didn't know ) and I am so sorry. Thank you for your encouraging words. It truly help me.
      xoxo Shari

  2. You do such lovely work and show things that make me wish I had been blessed with talent like yours. Having gotten through many years of grief from losing a beloved baby daughter, I think you are grieving normally. Believe me the hurt will lessen with time but in the meantime those "crying your eyes out" days will come. My saviing grace was that I had a husband and another child who needed me to remain alive and as sane as possible so I tried to stay involved with them. I also relied on my faith in God to help me cope with the devastation I felt. Shari, you will come through this and be a stronger than you ever thought possible. I continue to pray that your heart will heal soon and that your good memories flood your mind to squeeze out the hurtful ones. Keep creating beautiful things which inspire me even if there is no way I could do what you do!


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