Hello, How are you?
I'm doing ok today. I finished another blanket this past week. This makes blanket number two in the past three weeks. I think I've been putting or really pushing all of my frustration out into crocheting therefore it seems I've been in fast gear. Well...at least that's my story for all the extreme stitching that I've been doing.
But really and truly~ it's been really good therapy.  I sit and stitch. Sit and stitch. And sit and stitch some more. I have the TV on in the background just for noise but really don't pay any attention to what's playing. Every now and then I hear Garrett, my youngest, giggle out loud in the other room which makes me smile. He's happy. My sadness goes away for a moment and I just close my eyes and breath. Stitch some more.
That's about how my days are going. Just slow paced and fast stitching.
I had a little hiccup with my blog already. No big surprise with blogger as there is always something wrong with it. I put up a section for new followers to follow but~ a sweet friend pointed out to me that it would not let you follow but only to unfollow???? What??? Why???  who knows. So I took it down and went back to Bloglovin and also put back up Goggle Followers. So, if you like you can click either one of those choices off to the right side of my blog and follow there. Or, like myself...when I find a blog I love to follow I just add to my favorites to my computer and they are always there. It's really whatever or however you prefer.

Oh and also, I am still on Instagram under the user name: shariann47
you can always find me there.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


  1. Beautiful work Shari. We really need to get together so you can teach me how to crochet again. It's been so long, all I know is the chain stitch - LOL !

  2. Shari this blanket turned out absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love the way you are spending your days My Dear... sitting and stitching and enjoying the laughter of Garrett. I've lost track... How old is that beautiful boy of yours now? I've watched him grow over the years on your blogs. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's working.
    Love you,

    1. Hey Danette, Garrett is now 8. It's hard to believe!!
      Thanks for the sweet note about the blanket. I really enjoyed making it. It felt good.
      ♥ Shari

  3. I have just discovered you again..I used to follow all your blogs..I am so sorry for your loss. Denise (UK)

  4. Another beautiful blanket Shari, yes crochet is so therapeutic, what would we do without it? I'm looking forward to seeing your next creation. :) xx


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