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Hello, Happy Thursday! Hope to find everyone doing good.
If you've been wondering where I've been as of lately, I've been in Instagram world. I think I've spent more time there than here in blogland more than ever. I can't help's fast. It's easy. Take a picture with your phone and upload. Say a little something or share....and your done. So easy verses taking pictures with my camera than download to my computer. Do a little photo editing. Saving in different folders ( which drives me crazy, plus takes time) then ......upload to this blog. I say....Instagram has scored points in my book for sure. But, nevertheless.....I still love blogging.
Love looking around for things that inspire me and to keep in touch with friends that are NOT on Instagram.
Anyways.....If you ever wonder if and when another post will pop up in your feed of what I've been up to, just search for me there under @shariann47. ( you can always see new Instagram pictures at the bottom of my blog)
As far as crafts go, I did finish another sweater. This is the second I've finished in the past two months. I think that's a big achievement, even for me. This one pictured above. Sorry for the bad lighting but I'm proud of this one. It is my very own design. A very easy pattern that came to me after searching through soooo many books for a easy pattern which I never can find. So, I took my own measurements. Made a back piece. A left and right piece. Stitched them together. All DC's. Made sleeves to fit perfectly! and sewed them all together. Did a little blocking and now it hangs on a hanger....waiting for that perfect cool morning.
Now I'm moving on to other things besides sweaters....maybe a scarf to go with it in a light mustard taupe sort of color....♥♥


  1. The sweater is lovely, and I hope you enjoy wearing it! So far I have managed to post 3 or 4 photos on Instagram, so I'm impressed that you have got a good handle on the process :) xoxo

  2. I didn't know you were on Instagram Gracie...I will have to hunt for you there.
    Thank you, as always!
    xo, Shari


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