Hello. Here it is, Sunday again. I think I literally just blinked and another week has gone by.
Fall weather is settling in here in Louisiana. Finally. It's such a nice change. Cool mornings with the windows open. Lots of iced coffee, scarf and sweater making, as far as crafts go, and wondering around our small town scoping out locations to kick off my professional photography world I'm trying to get the courage to start. I don't know why this scares me but it's such a big passion of mine. I want to succeed. I have this feeling way down deep in the pit of my stomach; I really want to do it. Do you have such a passion about something that's driving you to move forward but on the other hand it holds you back?

I will just pray about it and put all my faith in God. He will show time.
Happy Sunday.
xo Shari


  1. One of your many talents is certainly as a photographer, Shari! Praying the Lord will show you step by step how best to proceed. I have many interests but have lacked focus on any one far :) Wishing you a good week! xx

    1. Well, thank you Gracie. Your encouraging words always put a smile on my face.

  2. You are an incredibly talented photographer ! Never give up on your dream. You've got this!!! ❤️


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