Ladies Lacy Drap Cardigan

Well, considering this is my second knitted sweater EVER to make...I think it came out pretty nice. Considering; after all the mistakes that it has....and there are many. I did not use a pattern at all. I just envisioned something that I thought I would want in my head and started. 
It is worked from the top down. The collar and mid section is crochet; which is a little longer than I planned on making. ( note: did not measure myself...bad mistake ) but I decided at that point, after ripping many rows out ; and really should have ripped out more...but did not...I changed from crochet stitches to knit. I picked knitted stitches from where the armholes ended and proceed with the knit stitches. Then~ I added the borders all around the entire cardigan.
Now I do not know once you finish a garment such as this if you should just block or wash it??? ( should have read up on that little detail....but didn't) I just decided to wash it on a very low delicate cycle in the machine and then I let it tumble around in the dryer with a fabric sheet, also on a very low cycle. Once it came out....I was utterly surprised that it fit. And a big surprise that it was all still together. So....with that said....I must have done something right along the way.
But next time....I will follow a pattern to my liking and to my measurements.
Anyways....I love it. And very proud of myself.
I know some of you are already asking????? can't wait for the pattern....but I am so sorry to say, I did not write this down. I do however have another in mind and that one I will write down.
Lets just say this one is a learning piece and we'll leave it at that.
Have a lovely weekend


  1. WOW! I think it is gorgeous, Shari! The combination of crocheting and knitting are lovely. Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. The cardigan is gorgeous ♥

  3. Well done Shari it's amazing. :) xx

  4. You did a good job & I love that navy blue scarf draped around it too - love it.


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