It's All Gray

Well, here it is. Finally!
I know you all have been waiting forever to see photos of my latest blanket but the sun just won't come out to play and when it does....I'm not home. It's like it knows how badly I want to photograph it but it's not playing fair. So not right......but.......anyways......this is it. You will just have to settle with all this grayness because that is.....what it is. G R A Y.
It matches Lauren's room really well. You see, the walls are gray, the area rug is gray, the curtains are gray! But...the good news is that her bedding on her bed is white, therefore, this blanket will look sooo pretty laying across that white bedding or folded and laid at the foot of the bed. Either works well.
I've also made it in white.
 Huumm....... what other color should I make?
 will definitely have to think on it!


  1. It's lovely Shari I love the stitch, it would be nice in any colour I'm thinking pastels. :) xx

  2. The basket weave pattern is especially pretty in the yarn and stitch size you have used in both the gray and white blankets, Shari, and I can imagine it being lovely in pastels, too. xx

  3. That's what I'm thinking too..."pastels"

  4. So Beautiful Shari!!! I LOVE the Gray! And White is pretty too... Now maybe a very pale blue... ???

    1. Ooooo, pale blue sounds really pretty!


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