It's been all about tiny little details. The closer I get to things the more I get inspired. Up close & personal. Or..... maybe it's because I am going "blind" that I can not see anything far away. All this closeness sends me into orbit. A different dimension. I love it!!!
I finished my lovely scarf yesterday. It first started out as being knitted but I ripped it out, due to terrible rolling so I quickly switched needles to a crochet hook and within a two days~ it's finished. Oh did I forget that crocheting was much much faster. It literally took me a week to get the knitted one half way complete only to be severely disgusted with the thing, then, finding the most pleasure crocheting within two days. ( insert big smiley face here!)
Note....even though I truly love the "look of knit".....crocheting is by far the fastest and the most enjoyable for myself that is.
Now I'm in the process of whipping up another but in a beautiful shade of purple. And to let you know.....purple is not my color....but this one just might work!
Plus~ the texture on this one is so divine!!!
(Next post...I will surprise you all with a free pattern).
S M I L E.......♥


  1. Lovely, Shari...every part of this post. While I crochet faster than I knit, I am super pokey compared to you :) Your new scarf is pretty, and I am curious to know what pattern you will share :) xx

  2. Aww Gracie, you made me smile! Your so funny!

  3. Oh Shari...You have always impressed me with the way you use gentle colors so elegantly. This is why your crafting and photography are so beautiful. You have an artist eye. Thank you for sharing this pattern and the snowball pattern. I am making them both...Blessings...


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