I love this month. This time of year. The weather is certainly changing ~ rather quickly!. But all the same, I still love it. Yesterday I opened up all the windows for the first time this season to air out the house. It was so nice. The breeze was just right that the curtains were dancing around every now and then and the smell of fresh air.....oooooo goodness, that smell of cool air, the freshness....I could just stay in one place for hours with my eyes closed and drift off to Neverland to never return. Pure Autumn bliss. But in that same moment; there is something missing. I see Lauren everywhere in these moments. Moments we used to share. Everything I did...she did with me. We opened all the windows, she helped me clean the house. She would dust. I would do laundry. She would fold clothes. I would cook dinner. She would pick out a movie at the oddest hour that we would watch together. She would talk the entire time and we would have to watch it all over again. Moments like these...I miss so much.
But with all these thoughts, I still carry on each day. I truly can say that knitting and crocheting have been a comfort for me. The simplicity of a easy, made-up-pattern in my head, keeps me going. I've even found comfort lounging around in Books-A-Million gazing upon book after book. Sometimes I stay and just sit and stay a while in there little sitting area that they have throughout the store. It feels like home. It's quite. No one bothers you. There's always a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the café' which I always wonder over to. Sometimes to have a cup while I sit or sometimes just to get closer to the aroma.


  1. Hi Shari, what would we do without our knitting and crochet and the smell of fresh coffee, just simple pleasures but they make all the difference, you have such special memories of Lauren it must be so hard for you but I'm she's still there looking down watching over you and loving all the beautiful creations you are making. :) xxx

  2. Those are beautiful memories of your daughter Lauren. I'm glad you have found comfort in your needlework. Sometimes its the smallest things that bring us great joy. Wishing you a wonderful day!
    xx Beca


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