" you've got to take the Good with the bad, Smile with the sad, Love what you've got, Remember what you had, Always forgive but never forget, Learn from mistakes & never regret "


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful thoughts and photos, Shari. I have been thinking of those in Louisiana who are suffering in the recent floods, and praying for provision for the needy. Have you and yours been okay? Love, Gracie

    1. Hello Gracie.....thank you for checking in on me. We are doing well and ok with the flooding. I am so thankful that it has not hit our area. It a little bit more East and West of us. It's like it all went all around us and we're ok. Just lots of rain....OHHHH GOSH, LOT'S OF RAIN! My yard is pretty squishy. I'll settle for squishy than flood. Lots of the surrounding communities have pulled together sending donations of everyday living items to those who were affected. God Bless all of those people who have pulled double duty to go by boat or other means of transportation to help out.
      Hope you are doing well.
      Thanks for popping in to say HI....
      Love, Shari


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