Hello, Happy August.!
Really, did I just say.....August?  Time sure is flying by isn't it.
Our summer is just about it's end and I can't wait for some cooler weather. It is soooo HOT here.
You can not walk outside without sweating to death the moment you take one foot out the door.
I've been spending a lot of time since my last post searching for new stitches. I get bored after awhile making the same old stitches so I bought this new book. It has so many different designs in it. It's fabulous! I found it at " Books-A-Million" while in Lake Charles a few weeks back and just now flipping through it. So far I have made one thing with one of the stitches I fell in love with and that is my WAFFLE STITCHED blanket from my previous post. So much fun and easy. You should give it a go. You will love it. Promise.
This book is filled with pretty pictures and easy directions. Plus it gives detailed diagrams if that is easier for you to follow. Myself...I prefer to read the directions but it's a win win for everyone.
I am sure~ maybe, so of you already have this book, but I am a newbie to it and thought I would share with some of you who are like me....and did not have it.
It al. so has these easy colored tabs on the side that I love. A quick little index sort of thing which is a bonus to

Also has close ups of pretty motifs..... love and...of course the diagrams I mention before.....
Great, isn't it!!

At last here is the pattern to my waffle blanket if any of you are interested in making one yourself.
I do not claim this pattern as my own. I have to give credit back to this book for the pattern but the blanket is....of course my work.
Hope you give it a try!
Talk again soon........



  1. You made that? Wow, I'm impressed! Beautiful, beautiful job!

  2. Hi Shari :) I am just catching up with your last four posts since I was trailer camping with some family members at Cape Lookout Beach on the northern OR coast. We had a good trip with a few challenges I typed about in my last post...the trailer had to be dragged home by a tow truck! I like my bamboo needles, too, although I do not have all the sizes you have. Your wattle stitch blanket is lovely! I don't have the book you shared and appreciate your recommendation. Thanks for trusting us with some of your feelings, as well, even the most difficult. I value you our bloggy friendship and continue to pray for you and yours, that the Lord will comfort you and continue to bring others beside you to care for you in ways you find helpful. In the last month I have been knitting small dishcloths with size three cotton crochet/tatting thread on size 3 knitting needles...just using the granny corner to corner pattern I like. xxxxx

  3. I know! It is hard to believe it's August already. I'm tired of heat and humidity too and I just bet it's crazy in Louisiana!!! What will you do with these gorgeous motifs you've made? I love them!!!
    I don't have this book and think I just might need it :-)

  4. Hello Shari!
    So happy to have found you again! You have frequently been in my thoughts. As usual I delight in your beautiful projects and selection of colours.

    sending you lots of sunny positive vibes from Spain :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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