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Out and about a few days ago, there is this little shop in our small town that been opened for, I guess, two years now. I don't go in there often, but when I do, which was one day last week~ I walked in the door and the aroma of soft lighted sense filled the air. Beautiful candles flickering here and there. Beautiful home décor, clothing, women's accessories EVERYWHERE. Shoes!!! Oh my goodness the shoes. Loved it all. I browsed around and found a few pretty little tops to go with jeans. I am not a "tennis shoe" kind-of girl. I love to wear jeans with pretty, simple sandals or slip-ons with a casual pretty top. Rarely a t-shirt but mainly....what I like to call, simple girly, pastel in color, or something with a little "blue" in know....pretty casual. Well, that me as far as my clothing goes. Anyways~ I walked around for almost an hour. Love every moment of it. 
Once my little shopping spree was over and I made it back to my car. I just sat there for a moment and thought.....what a lovely store. All the beautiful little details about it was just so soothing and beautiful. I should open a store like that.'s a thought!


  1. I loved the shopping trip...soothing and inspiring! Your purchases are so pretty and I hope you enjoy them, and that you will show us what you create with the pretty yarn. xx

  2. Hmmm.... That IS a thought..... :-)))

  3. Sounds like a lovely shop Shari, I love the yarn and that pretty top. :) X


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