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Thank you to those of you who have inquired as to my whereabouts. Everything has been okay with me, but there have been a few things that have happened within my family that have made me pause and reflect on life a bit. Most of you already know and I want to THANK YOU for your heartfelt thoughts and message. They were all truly touching. Lately I've been holding those I love a little bit closer and trying to look at things with a different perspective. Not an easy thing to do. There for awhile, I shut everything and everyone out!  But....let's just say....I'm doing okay for now. I'm not better and I'm not good....just okay.


 I've been keeping busy the last couple of weeks. Getting back into things that I love to do. It helps.  Making blankets have been one of those things so that's what I've been doing. Last week I actually went out and about by myself. I went to Michael's to look around with no intent on buying anything.....well....that didn't work. I stumble across some new yarn. Maybe some of you have already seen it or used. It's made by BERNAT, called MAKER- HOME DEC.  It's 72% cotton and 28% nylon. It's hands down the best cotton yarn I've ever used. Now I'm not 100% sure if it's good for making washcloths but for blankets, rugs, or pillows I would highly recommend it. It's wonderful.

I made this blanket in four days. I forgot how fun it is to just sit and relax, watch a little tv, talk on the phone and enjoy. It's amazing how quickly you can make a blanket with one solid color. In the past, I used to dread making a blanket and most times I would get discouraged or loose interest real quick. Then next it would all go into the closet never to be seen again for what seemed decades. Yes~ I used to be quite the little waster of yarn. But....happy to say....not in this case. I used every single skin of yarn. Alternating between rows of doubles and trebles. Came out quit nice.
Also matches the color scheme throughout the house. It travels with me from room to room. Really from Lauren's room to the living room.
I just love it........

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'm glad I started blogging again. I miss everyone.
I'' be back soon.
Sincerely,  s h a r i ♥ 


  1. I'm so happy to have you back my sweet friend... no expectations... just come as you are.
    I love your blanket and am so thankful you are able to crochet and soothe yourself in this way right now.
    I have not used this yarn but will certainly go get some because I am loving your big blanket and think I might make one for my sister soon. Don't know if you've seen on my blog, but she's not well. Only 42 and looks like we are facing Leukemia.
    I love you Shari and pray for you every day,
    With a sincere heart,

    1. Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about your sister. I will say a prayer for her tonight.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts!
      ♥ Shari

  2. Your new blanket is lovely, Shari! I am not familiar with the brand of yarn, but will be on the lookout for it. Over the last year I have been using acrylic yarn to make baby blankets for preemies at a nearby hospital. The NICU nurses asked those of us making blankets to use acrylic yarn and so far my favorite for softness and fullness is Deborah Norville's Serenity Baby yarn. I am working on my third blanket so far and reckon that you would have finished 90 blankets in the time it has taken me to make two :) I am sooooooo slooooow, but I find joy in making the blankets and praying for the babies and families that will receive them at an anxious time in their lives. Sending you lots of hugs xxxxxxx

  3. I continue to pray for you. Y dear friend and hope that you continue to believe that God has a reason for everything. So glad you find joy in crocheting again. Love your blanket.

    1. Thank you Taci! I hope he does cause I have soooo many questions and I'm not getting any answers. But, on the other hand....I trust in Him1

  4. I'm so glad that you are gaining some comfort from blogging again and from your crochet.
    Take care Shari!

    1. Thank you so much...it's a start to recovery....i hope♥


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