when the mail arrives on time. I've been patiently waiting on these little beauties to arrive.Ohhh, they are wonderful.I have to say...my other crochets hooks have now gone into file "unknown"
never to return.Out with the old and in with the new. just look at them. stare for a while if you like.
they are great!. perfect.I have already tried them out.  I started on another blanket
and it's just about done. Soon I will show you and I used one of these hooks to make it.
Oh my goodness, it just glided with such perfect ease with every stitch. the more I stitched...the fast I got and the more I loved it. The only thing about them...I wish....they were just a little tidy-bit longer.
Even though they are the exact same size as all other crochet hooks,I don't know, they just seem like they "should" be a wee bit longer~ but not much.I guess it's just me.
do you have any?
bamboo crochet hooks?
If not....you should get some.
I promise.
you will love them.





  1. They are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE wooden crochet hooks... the pure ORGANIC experience of them... such simple beauty.
    I have some bamboo ones. I also love my Laurel Hill Crochet Hooks... I have those in Rosewood. I have to say the are my first favorites. I sell them on my shop :-) I love them all though!
    Happy Hooking My Dear... Holding my breath... waiting to see your beautiful blanket...

  2. Shari I don't have bamboo crochet hooks but I do have bamboo knitting needles and they are wonderful. They feel good in the hands. I just re-found your blog and I'm glad you're back. I just want to say that most of us are moms and we understand your feelings (referring to your last post). I think it helps just to get them out even if it's in writing. Sending you love from New Mexico.
    xx Beca


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