It's All Gray

Well, here it is. Finally!
I know you all have been waiting forever to see photos of my latest blanket but the sun just won't come out to play and when it does....I'm not home. It's like it knows how badly I want to photograph it but it's not playing fair. So not right......but.......anyways......this is it. You will just have to settle with all this grayness because that is.....what it is. G R A Y.
It matches Lauren's room really well. You see, the walls are gray, the area rug is gray, the curtains are gray! But...the good news is that her bedding on her bed is white, therefore, this blanket will look sooo pretty laying across that white bedding or folded and laid at the foot of the bed. Either way.....it works well.
I've also made it in white.
 Huumm....... what other color should I make?
 will definitely have to think on it!


Happy Sunday

With all the little / big twist and turns in life, you can be sure of one thing: the same God who created you, loves you. God's personal promise to you is one of extreme hope and potential. No matter what failures you have experienced, hardship situations, or even loss, you can learn how to make the right choices at every juncture in your life.
Look for the Glory, seek and you shall find peace and strength from above and trust in him....He will not steer you wrong but guide you on a straight path. Always look for the good, have positive thoughts, and enjoy......" the little things"


Simple Little Details, Love



Out and about a few days ago, there is this little shop in our small town that been opened for, I guess, two years now. I don't go in there often, but when I do, which was one day last week~ I walked in the door and the aroma of soft lighted sense filled the air. Beautiful candles flickering here and there. Beautiful home décor, clothing, women's accessories EVERYWHERE. Shoes!!! Oh my goodness the shoes. Loved it all. I browsed around and found a few pretty little tops to go with jeans. I am not a "tennis shoe" kind-of girl. I love to wear jeans with pretty, simple sandals or slip-ons with a casual pretty top. Rarely a t-shirt but mainly....what I like to call, simple girly, pastel in color, or something with a little "blue" in it......you know....pretty casual. Well, that me as far as my clothing goes. Anyways~ I walked around for almost an hour. Love every moment of it. 
Once my little shopping spree was over and I made it back to my car. I just sat there for a moment and thought.....what a lovely store. All the beautiful little details about it was just so soothing and beautiful. I should open a store like that.
Hummm...it's a thought!



" you've got to take the Good with the bad, Smile with the sad, Love what you've got, Remember what you had, Always forgive but never forget, Learn from mistakes & never regret "




Hello, Happy August.!
Really, did I just say.....August?  Time sure is flying by isn't it.
Our summer is just about it's end and I can't wait for some cooler weather. It is soooo HOT here.
You can not walk outside without sweating to death the moment you take one foot out the door.
I've been spending a lot of time since my last post searching for new stitches. I get bored after awhile making the same old stitches so I bought this new book. It has so many different designs in it. It's fabulous! I found it at " Books-A-Million" while in Lake Charles a few weeks back and just now flipping through it. So far I have made one thing with one of the stitches I fell in love with and that is my WAFFLE STITCHED blanket from my previous post. So much fun and easy. You should give it a go. You will love it. Promise.
This book is filled with pretty pictures and easy directions. Plus it gives detailed diagrams if that is easier for you to follow. Myself...I prefer to read the directions but it's a win win for everyone.
I am sure~ maybe, so of you already have this book, but I am a newbie to it and thought I would share with some of you who are like me....and did not have it.
It al. so has these easy colored tabs on the side that I love. A quick little index sort of thing which is a bonus to

Also has close ups of pretty motifs..... love and...of course the diagrams I mention before.....
Great, isn't it!!

At last here is the pattern to my waffle blanket if any of you are interested in making one yourself.
I do not claim this pattern as my own. I have to give credit back to this book for the pattern but the blanket is....of course my work.
Hope you give it a try!
Talk again soon........